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Youth Event Concept Note

Youth Event Programme

Plenary Session 1: Platforms and Partnerships for the Prevention of Violent Extremism

Plenary Session 2: Good Practices in Social Inclusion

“SpreadNoHate: Sharing Good Practices of Preventing and Countering Hate Speech”

“Religious Leaders and Violent Extremism: The Challenges of Prevention”

“Civil Society and Business: Working Together for Peace, Security and Sustainable Development”

“Global Citizen Education”

“Counter-Narratives to Cyberextremism Through Apps and Video Games”

“The Role of Cities in Global Migration”

“Women and Peace-building in Conflict Zones in Africa”

“Save the Dream: Sport for Peace, Sustainable and Inclusive Development”

“Constructing Peace, Deconstructing Terror”

“Reporting in Times of Crisis: Telling Migrant Tales through Creative Storytelling”

“Youth Participation for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies: the Crucial Role of Partnerships Across Generations and Sectors”

“Fostering Inclusiveness and Integration through Global Education”

“Alumni Showcase: Impact Across UNAOC Pillars”

“D-Goals of Preventing Violent Extremism through Education: Educating for Development, Diversity and Dialogue”

“Baku Process: Responding to New Challenge for Global Intercultural Dialogue”

“Media Literacy: Tools for Building Resilience to Violent Extremist Propaganda”

“Business Symposium: Concept Note”

“Business Symposium: Roundtable Discussion Briefing”