Baku Forum 2017

Aytan Gahraman graduated from Azerbaijan Languages University with the de- gree on English and French language teacher; has obtained PhD degree on the dissertation on “Ways of organizing of national education during the time of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920)”; has obtained a Doctoral degree on the dissertation on “Newest artistic English literature in Russian language. Strategy of interpretation, directions and genres”. Aytan Gahraman is an as- sociate professor. Ayten Gahraman is an author of numerous scientific articles and thesis for scientific conferences. For the last years she has been engaged in research in multiculturalism matters. She is the member of the editorial board of textbook on “Azerbaijani multiculturalism”. Aytan Gahraman has been working on the position of chairwoman of multiculturalism department in Baku Slavic Univer- sity. Since January 2016 Aytan Gahraman was appointed on the position of chief of staff/ counselor at the Baku International Multiculturalism Centre.

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