Baku Forum 2017

Mr. Brendan McAllister, while on the United Nations Standby Team of Senior Me- diation Advisers, delivered a range of training and coaching assignments in the field of dialogue. He was also been deployed to advise on the development of local mediation practice by UNDP in Ukraine and by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. He assisted the UN Support Mission in Libya to design and deliver a process aimed at resolving the conflict between the cities of Misrata and Taw- ergha in Libya and he provided mediation advice to the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Syria. Prior to joining the Standby Team, Mr. McAllister was Director of Mediation Northern Ireland and in this role was responsible for the develop- ment of indigenous peace mediation and bringing it to bear on a wide range of issues including political dialogue, police reform, public sector reform, prisoner engagement, community relations, social cohesion and public order. Within the international mediation support community, he has provided training, mentor- ing and advice to UN and EU officials and to NGOs working on assignments inter alia in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Kosovo and Ukraine.

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