Baku Forum 2017

Pastor Juan Carlos Mendez is the Pastor of Centro Cristiano Bet-El, a South- ern Baptist Church in Los Angeles, which offers services in both Spanish and English. Pastor Mendez is one of the founders of the “Dream Center” formerly Bethel Temple Los Angeles. Bishop Mendez is the leader in the city of Los Ange- les who heads the Annual Mayor’s Inter-Faith Prayer Breakfast. Pastor Mendez was ordained in the Assembly of God denomination, and has served in numerous capacities during his ministry. In addition to having pas- tored the Spanish speaking Church at the Dream Center, he has been a church planter in Latin America, Africa and Asia, serves as an overseer of churches in the Southern California region and functions as the International Director of a global Christian organization. Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez has gone beyond the call of duty where he has established a school in Africa, directed medical jour- neys all over the globe, helped directly or indirectly over 40 countries. Bishop Mendez is the founder and president of Churches for Action, a coalition of 2000 churches who mobilize on behalf of the needy and destitute.

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