Baku Forum 2017

Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Yahprung is the Deputy Director at the Wasatiyyah Insti- tute for Peace and Development, under the office of the Sheikh-ul Islam of Thailand. He also serves as a lecturer in the Faculty of Political Science, Ram- khamhaeng University, Bangkok. He was part of several publications, namely in 2011 An Interpretation of Modernity: A Study of Tuan Guru Ismail Sepanyang (1955-): The Traditionalist Ulama (Religious Scholar) of modern Pattani, Rubai- yat: Thai Journal of Asian Studies 2(3), 111-145 and in 2006 The Malaysian Con- nection of the Southern Thailand. In Samrn U-ngamsin (ed.), Holding Fast to the Ideology of Harmony among Thais (ppg.231-245) and Bangkok: Maulid Klang Organising Committee of Thailand. His research currently under studied 100 most important Pattani’s historical Documents. This project has been studied in collaboration with Faculty of Humanities, Prince of Songkhla University. The project is funded by the Asia Foundation.

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