Baku Forum 2017

Myriam Chopin is a Master of Conferences of medieval history at the University of Haute-Alsace. After a doctorate on a chronicle of the fifteenth century, she pursued research on cultural exchanges between France and Italy. She recently organized an international meeting on the theatricalization of urban space, currently being published at Orizons. Ms. Chopin delivers lessons on intercul- turality and in particular on the relations between the West and the Arab-Mus- lim world. Involved internationally, she has contributed to the creation of an Institute of Research on Education in Haiti. Beyond her training and research activities, Ms. Chopin is the president of the Strasbourg-Méditerranée festival, which brings together the main Alsatian associations of immigrants. The next edition, scheduled for December 2017, will coincide with many events around North / South relations. In June 2016, Ms. Chopin conducted the “intercultural- ity” workshop on the CNAM’s reception day for refugees.

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