Baku Forum 2017

Ms Ng Yeen Seen is a public intellectual and a young thought leader. She was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and recently ap- pointed as an Ambassador for TN50 (National Transformation 2050) by the Gov- ernment of Malaysia. Yeen Seen is the Founder of #OpsHarapan a grassroots movement when the worst flood hit the East-Coast of Peninsular Malaysia in 2014. Today, the movement continues their work in nation building by bringing hope and opportunities to local communities. Yeen Seen is the Chief Executive Officer of Centre for Research, Advisory and Technology (CREATE); and she has recently appointed Chief Advisor to the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Depart- ment of Malaysia. She has been active in the international arena and was part of Obama’s YSEALI programme as a mentor in 2016. Her experience includes political analysis, business development and communications, International Diplomacy and International Relations. An accounting graduate of Cardiff Uni- versity, UK’ she holds a postgraduate degree in Education Policy from Warwick University, UK

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