Baku Forum 2017

Patrice Brodeur is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Religious Studies, University of Montreal (Canada) as well as Senior Adviser at the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) in Vienna (Austria). He studied at McGill, Hebrew, Jor- danian and Harvard universities. His career highlights include a Junior Canada Research Chair on Islam, Pluralism and Globalization at the University of Mon- treal (2005–2015), leading an interdisciplinary research team on contemporary Islamic thought as well as on various forms of dialogue. He also set up the KAICIID Research Department (2013–2015), where he led the team that devel- oped its Peace Mapping Project ( His books include: Interreligious Dialogue for Peacebuilding in the Balkans, 1990–2008, coauthored with Dr. Ina Merdjanova (2009; paperback, 2011 [in Bulgarian, 2010; in Bosnian, 2015]); he co-edited, with Solange Lefebvre, Public Commissions on Cultural and Religious Diversity: Analysis, reception and Challenges (Rout- ledge, 2017) and, with Sondra Myers, Democracy and Religion in the 21st Cen- tury (2006).

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